Welcome to WordPress Kid Blogs!


I’m glad you’ve found this website. You can find blogs run by kids here, or comment with your blog’s URL and a category that describes it, and I will add it to one of the categories. Does your blog fit into a category that I don’t have yet? Suggestions are welcome, so just leave a possible name for the category in your comment and I can make a new category.

**Please note: I am only accepting blogs that are appropriate for all ages. If your blog is inappropriate I will not put it on here.**

Grab WKB’s Button:

WKB Spotlights

A new feature to WordPress Kid Blogs is WKB spotlights. If you would like your blog to be spotlighted, simply comment below with your blog’s URL and a) a short summarization of what you blog about, and b) a brief bio for yourself. If you have a blog button I will include that in the spotlight.

WKB Spotlights will generally be every other week and the blogs spotlighted will be randomly chosen from the list of bloggers who have “signed up” in the comments. Once your blog has been spotlighted, however, you will be off the list unless you “sign up” with a different blog.

Check out the new Blogging Resources page

Comment with some helpful resources you use when blogging!

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